Located in the Ozarks eastern edge of the St. Francois mountain range, Farmington is surrounded by some of the most scenic and beautiful areas of Missouri. Community leaders are proud of their efforts to ensure that the local and regional environment is protected as we continue our economic growth and development.

The City of Farmington values the region’s rich and diverse natural resources, and has implemented many policies and strategies to minimize the impact of municipal operations and development on the environment.  The elected officials and administration are committed to responsible environmental stewardship.  Listed below are some of the key ways our actions support those values.

  • In cooperation the Missouri Joint Municipal Electric Utility Commission and MC Power, a 3.2 MW solar energy array was constructed to provide renewable energy to the Farmington Industrial Park.  Approximately 40% of electric energy supplied to the industries in the park is supplied by renewable energy sources! Click here for the Farmington Industrial Park Solar Dashboard: Industrial Park Solar Dashboard
  • The City engages in active planning to ensure that environmentally sensitive areas are protected from the adverse effects of development through the enforcement of effective best management practices that control erosion and runoff from construction activity.
  • Storm water detention and control is required for all new development to minimize water pollution, help control downstream flooding, and to help ensure that riparian corridors are not overloaded to control erosion and mitigate the risks to aquatic habitat or aquatic life.
  • City planning and zoning requires landscape buffers, parking lot landscape or rain gardens to minimize run-off and minimize surface and ground water pollution, and to help limit noise pollution.
  • The City continues to invest in walking trails, sidewalks, and other pedestrian amenities to promote walkable neighborhoods and business districts.
  • The City is actively engaged in recycling at all of its facilities and operates a recycling center for its residents that divert approximately 160 tons of solid waste from landfills each year. Each Spring, the City sponsors a city-wide clean-up to provide its citizens with a safe and convenient way to dispose of tires, large debris, consumer electronics, and household hazardous wastes. Much of this recovered material is also recycled.
  • The City wholesale electric energy portfolio includes renewable energy resources from wind, solar, and landfill methane gas that comprise almost ten percent of the energy capacity used city-wide.
  • The City operates two sewage treatment facilities that have sufficient capacity for the next decade. Each plant consistently treats sanitary waste that meets or exceeds all environmental regulatory compliance requirements. The City continues to pursue improved performance of its facilities to ensure that the bio-solids are treated and returned to the environment in a manner that minimizes the impact of its operations.
  • The City is in the process of converting its street lights to energy efficient LED lights and includes dark sky lighting shades in its new installations.
  • The City offers net-metering options so you can sell excess energy from your solar or wind site directly to the electric utility.
  • The City is a cooperative member of the Missouri PACE Program that offers an innovative property tax program to finance energy efficiency improvements to your business.  Learn more about the Missouri PACE program by clicking the link below.